Cosmic Air

Cosmic Air started its operations from 1997 with two MI 17 Helicopters. The aircraft fleet was upgraded in 1998-99 with a Dornier 228 aircraft and further in 2000-01 with two SAAB 340 aircraft. In addition, Fokker 100 jet aircraft (105 seats) was started which came into operation from November 2004 on the trunk routes and the first jet to be used for mountain flight. At one time Cosmic had 4 Fokker 100 jet aircraft, 2 Dorniers and 1 SAAB 340. The Fokker 100 mainly operated in trunk routes to Biratnagar and Nepalgunj and to international destinations. Cosmic is also renowned for being the only domestic airline flying internationally to the destinations like Kolkatta, Delhi, Dhaka and Varanasi. However, cosmic air discontinued its flights from October 15, 2006 owing to maintenance of one aircraft. By then the airlines had been using a single Fokker-100 to operate both international and domestic flights to Nepalgunj, Biratnagar, New Delhi and Varanasi.

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