Art Galleries

There are a so many art galleries in Nepal which display not only intriguing ancient artworks but also house more contemporary pieces. Much of the art of Nepal is strongly influenced by the Hindu and Buddhist religions that are prevalent in this land.

The National Art Gallery:
Located in the famous place complex of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the Gallery is in fact a unique museum. The Gallery consists of some of the rarest paintings of Nepal and a wide array of manuscripts with painted covers and illustrations. Although this Gallery is primarily a ‘Museum’ of paintings from early to late Malla period, the Gallery also contains bronze, brass, stone and wooden images. In fact, the gallery is the virtual treasure house to explore the medieval art tradition of Nepai. The museum remains closed on Thursdays and government holidays.

NAFA Gallery:
This gallery is housed in Sita Bhavan, a neo- classical old Rana palace Naxal, Kathmandu. The gallery has two sections: Birendra Art Gallery – a permanent hall which displays works of eminent contemporary painters and sculptors. The second hall is used for occasional exhibitions of established or newly emerging artists of the country. The Gallery runs under the aegis of Arts and crafts Department, Royal Nepal Academy.

Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery:
A cooperative venture of a group of contemporary painters and sculptors, this Gallery regularly organizes various Art exhibitions solo and group shows. Besides, this gallery possess a wide collection of contemporary works from many established names to exciting new names. Also. the gallery runs morning and evening Art Classes. The Gallery is located inside Bhrikutimandap Exhibition grounds, Kathmandu.

J Art Gallery:
Located in the prestigious address of Durbarmarg, Kathmandu – a minute walk from the Royal Palace, the Gallery is specially noted for the exhibitions, display and sale of authentic works of the established painters of Nepal. The gallery is well patronized by the diplomatic and expatriate community of Kathmandu.

NEF-ART (Nepal Fine Art) Gallery:
A few minutes walk down the street of Gabahal from the fabled Patan Durbar Square, the gallery is specially noted for its bias for traditional Nepalese paintings and sculptures. The gallery holds occasional exhibition of traditional (Nepalese) paintings locally known as ‘Paubhas’. Paubhas display an idealistic type of expression, flat bright colors, intricate outline – primarily of Buddhist or Hindu pantheon.

Moti Azima Gallery:
Located inside a nondescript narrow facade of a three storied building, in Bhimsenthan (on the way to Visnumati bridge), Kathmandu the exterior is deceptive. For, inside the gallery contains a unique collection of traditional utensils, handmade dolls representing different ethnic groups and social customs of Nepal, excellent samples of local handicraft works and above all the whole house represents a typical medieval house holds environ of a Newar family. Owned by a private entrepreneur, the gallery is a local style boutique – shop – embracing all the typicalities available. The gallery is open till Sunday through Friday.

Nepal Art Council Gallery:
Situated in Babar Mahal- on the way to Tribhuvan International Airport, the Gallery has an excellent space area for exhibitions. The gallery occasionally exhibitions of paintings and sculptures. Owned by a local non – governmental organization the gallery is noted for the display of works of selected artists of the country and abroad.

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