Types of Trekking

Trekking can be done in a number of ways; teahouse trekking, back packing, self arranged or trekking through operators. In teahouse trekking, you eat and sleep on hotels and teahouse (known as bhatti in Nepal where one can get a hot cup of tea, coffee, local or imported alcohol drinks) found in the trekking regions. Teahouse trekking is the most popular of all as you can easily find a place to eat and sleep in the areas you are familiar with.  Backpack trekking is popular in areas where one would tent, cock individually or in groups. Usually you make your backpack lighter by caring limited foods and clothes required during the trekking period. Self-Arranged Trekking can easily be done by contacting the local people for support in porters, food and accommodation. Sherpas are popular choice for self arranging trekking in Everest and Annapurna region. One can give the entire responsibly to arrange all to the trekking agency or operators. This is the most expensive of all, and is a favorite choice for first time trekkers in Nepal for security and comfort. Following topic discusses best times to trek in Nepal.

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