Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu Trek is also considered as one of the most challenging treks in Nepal, Trekking to Manaslu is opened for trekkers in 1992, and this area offers a combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed beauty, and biological diversity. Manaslu is one of the imminent geographical charismas dominating the historical kingdom of Gorkha. Locally Manaslu is known as Pungen Ri whose embodiment is worshiped in a Gompa couple of hundred meter above the village of Sama Goan.

Manaslu Trek usually starts from historic centre of Gorkha. While traveling through Gorkha, central Himalayan Range appears in the backdrop with layering green hills and view of sweeping Valleys and the trail reveals unexplored country inhabited by Gurungs. The trail eventually avoids Mt. Manaslu crossing “Larkya Pass” (5,100m) and comes down to classical route of Annapurna.

The Manaslu Trek offers us have the panoramic view of the beautiful backdrop of mountain range including 8th Highest Mountain in the World, as well as exciting Bamboo Bridge to cross, scenic views of Tibet and an insight into Tibetan way of living through various monasteries and Tibetan settlements, exciting climb to Shyala for a panoramic view of Himalchuli, viewing wonderful passes “Larkhya Pass” etc. Manaslu trek also familiarizes us to the multi-ethnic villagers of the region.

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