Makalu Trekking

Makalu Trek is one of the most remote and isolated trekking areas of Nepal as a result it became a challenging trek in a very remote area of Nepal. Makalu Trek, Barun Valley, is located in the eastern part of Nepal and offers us impressive natural scenery. The Makalu-Barun area contains some of the richest and most diverse pockets of plants and animals in Nepal, elsewhere lost to spreading human habitation. Covering 2.330 sq km, Makalu-Barun is a vital component of the greater Mount Everest ecosystem which includes Nepal’s 1.148 sq km Sagarmatha National Park to the west and the 35.000 sq km. Sherpa, Rai and Limbus are the main habitants of this area.

The Makalu trek is an outstanding trek to the base camp of the world’s fifth highest mountain, Mt. Makalu. During Makalu Trekking we will meet the ethnic groups of Limbu, Newar and Rai as well as Sherpa at the lower elevations and Tibetan Buddhists at the higher elevations. Not only this, we will get a close look at Mt. Makalu (8481m) in addition to Everest, Lhotse, Baruntse and Peak etc. Makalu Trek is an outstanding trek in one of the most remote areas in Nepal that has seen very few trekkers.