Dhulikhel, at 1550m, is a popular, interesting small town to view the Himalayan. There are some beautiful old buildings in this town. The main place to view the mountains is the parade ground on the ridge a little east of the center of town. There are some good day walks in the area. Many people come here to get warmed up before doing a longer trek. The people in the village are Newars.

In the main square there is the Harisiddhi Temple and Narayan Temple, both Vishnu temples. The most popular place to watch the sunrise over the mountains is at the Kali Temple on top of the hill in the southeast. You walk to the Panorama View Lodge and keep walking another half-hour. Ridi Bazaar.

Bhagwati Mandir, in the northwest part of town, is a high point in the city and from where there are good views of the mountains.

Dhulikhel is 32km east of Kathmandu. There are hourly buses (#12) from City bus station in Kathmandu to here (2 hr, Rs 20). The buses go pass Bhaktapur and through Banepa (Rs 6). A taxi is Rs 750 from Kathmandu and Rs 500 from Bhaktapur.

You can take an interesting walk from Nagarkot through Nala to Banepa and from get a bus to Dhulikhel. See the Treks from Nagarkot section.

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