Trishuli River

The Valley of the trishuli is just 2.5hrs drive form Kathmandu and 3 hrs form Pokhara. Trishuli River where we do have our own campsite in river beach, which is with beautiful nature, greenery and Watching the moon rise with the sound of the river, the noise of forest animals, Drinking, singing, Dancing, and playing Games Sit by candlelight, hut where our Clients could spend one or more nights exploring Chepang Communities in the River Beach.

Embodies a bland of celestial vistas ,varied wildlife as well as whitewater fun. big bouncy waves ,hefty holes and tricky chutes all go towards making as exhilarating ride to remember with a combination of grade. Next days the rafting will start after breakfast and Ends with lunch before boarding our bus.

River Information

Departure Point: Kathmandu or Pokhara
River Days: 2 DAYS
River Distance: 40KMS
River Starting Point: Charaundi
River Ending Point: Simaltal/GAIGHAT
Outward Travel Time: 2.5 Hours
River Grade: III
Return Travel Time: 3.5 Hours

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